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disability awareness

"Let your differences make a difference in the world."  -Sahar Andrade

Meet Eddie!

A friendly, kind and spirited puppet "boy" with a learning disability and attention issues. He shows everyone how he wants to be just like all the typical boys and girls with his fun and good natured personality, despite his difficult challenges.

program goals

1. To increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with differences, challenges & disabilities.

2. To promote altruistic and empathetic behaviors by demonstrating tolerance and sensitivity of those with challenges/disabilities.

3. To build confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and validation to those with challenges/ disabilities or special needs.

4. To foster positive friendships and cooperation amongst all children.

Mission Statement

          To increase the awareness and understanding of children with disabilities both physical and non-physical types; in an effort to promote positive attitudes and foster healthy friendships in the mainstream school setting.

Programs offered

  • Presentation in School system (K-8) regarding "Disability Awareness to All"

        Includes: Powerpoint presentation, puppet,

story, Q & A.   

  • Follow-up hands-on training in the classroom; including story telling, puppetry, art experience, role-playing and video
  • Each program can be catered to the needs of the school and students