Art Therapy Girls Empowerment Program: Mighty Minis (K-6)


Led by Deborah Adler, MA, ATR-BC, LCAT

  June 18th, 2016, 12-4 pm, East Woods School, Oyster Bay Cove, NY

Library Lecture led by Deborah Adler

 January 13th, 2015       at 7:30-9pm Bryant Library, Roslyn, NY

"Dealing with a Crisis Situation in one's life with Humility, Empowerment

and a Sense of Humor"

Discussion will focus on how one can cope with life's unfortunate circumstances; whether it is an illness, disease or dealing with a disability. We will discuss various ways one can find hope, strength and a

sense of power through getting through a difficult situation.

FREE Workshop: "Create Your Own Vision Board of Dreams" Led by Deborah Adler

November 8th, 2016 at 1pm at Bryant Library, Roslyn Upper level

*Create your unique collage that will enable you you to manifest your wishes, goals & dreams

Parent University Lecture led by Deborah Adler

March 1st, 2016 at 8:00 pm at Wheatley HS, Old Westbury, NY

"Practical Approaches for Aiding in Building Self-esteem and Reducing Anxiety for Kids Struggling Socially and in School"

News 12 Interview!!

February 1st, 2017: Long Island Naturally Segment with Mary Mucci and Deborah Adler and her Art Therapy Practice. See Deborah in action!  Cablevision only

Library Lecture led by Deborah Adler

July 18th, 2016 at 2 pm Bryant Library, Roslyn, NY

"7 Principles Guides to Happiness, Self fulfillment & Success"

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This workshop will discuss 7 Key components and strategies that tap into one’s deeper self. Such principle promote mindful awareness that allows one to be the best self they can be in order to achieve what you want in life; happiness, self-fulfillment and success.

See Flyer for details!! contact me to organize!

Creative Art Therapy


CAT Conference Lecture & Experiential led by Deborah Adler

April 14th, 2016 at 1:20-2:30 pm Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY

"Exploring Personal Imagery with Cancer Patients & Caretakers:

From darkness and pain to hope and empowerment"

Take a journey with witnessing powerful imagery and symbolic forms with a Cancer outpatient group and others who have been touched by cancer. Discover useful treatment approaches with this population and understanding how creating such imagery can provide significant means for healing, stress-reduction and personal feelings of self-fulfillment.

"Create & Share!!" (Group for Women)

Organize your own group for an enriching, creative and fun opportunity to self-explore, create and share through the arts!!

Deborah Adler Creative Arts Therapy P.C.

 Professional Interview

Tuesday, August 2nd at 10:04am

Live Broadcast!!!!

Art Therapy Presentation & Experiential group

Organization: SHARE for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Patients.

Wednesday, October 10th @ 6pm NYC

FREE Workshop:  "Free Your Mind,Mandalas" Led by Deborah Adler

December 12th, 2016 at 1pm at Bryant Library, Roslyn Upper level

*Create your Mandala. More info TBA