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Challenges and trauma are difficult to navigate, especially for children. Try as they might talk to a counselor, children often don’t know what they feel or how to articulate their thoughts in words.

Play therapy, however, can make all the difference. Help your child thrive by working with Deborah Adler, a board-certified, registered, and licensed art therapist.

Imaginative Healing

Children often express their feelings about trauma through play. When your child plays with dolls, action figures, and other toys, they express their fears, trauma, and worries. A licensed and experienced therapist interprets this play and processes it with the child in safe, age-appropriate discussions.

For example, in sand-play therapy, the therapist encourages the child to build their own world within a sandbox. The child might create a world in which each child is defended from abusive family members by lions, where everyone loves him or her, or where the main doll the child plays with feels alone and rejected.

These unconscious expressions of frustration, fear, anger, and sadness allow the therapist to help the child improve behavior, process trauma, and believe in themselves.


Play therapy, including sand-play therapy, may seem simple, but harnessing children’s natural imaginative processes requires an experienced professional who knows what to look for and how to communicate with children in accessible, developmentally appropriate ways. The right therapist turns what may look like a play date into a life-changing treatment that helps children:

  • Build self-esteem
  • Cope with cancer
  • Grow up with cerebral palsy
  • Manage anxiety
  • Reach developmental milestones
  • Process trauma
  • Recover from grief
  • Succeed with autism
  • Thrive with ADHD

Deborah Adler has the qualifications and the experience play therapy requires. A trained disability awareness consultant educated in psychotherapy, reiki, sand-play therapy, drama therapy, and sign language, Deborah is a licensed art therapist who has helped pediatric and adult patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings for over 20 years.

Creative Art Therapy


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